Bosnia Relief Goat Program

To a hungry refugee family in Bosnia, the gift of a goat is an important step toward becoming self-reliant for food and income and gives them the opportunity to return to their village. A goat is a poor man’s cow. They thrive in poor conditions and can give as much as four quarts of milk a day.  A family who receives a goat has milk to drink and can make it into butter or cheese to sell.  Goats often reproduce twins or triplets.

Working with Fr. Anton Jelic of  Catholic Croatian Charities in Sarajevo, Bosnia Relief identifies those families who are in the most need of goats.  Our program has provided hundreds of goats which have been donated to needy families in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the last several years.  Each goat costs $100.00, but the importance of a goat to a refugee family cannot be over emphasized. Unlike  the hand out of consumable food,  giving a refugee family a goat can begin to return dignity and self-reliance to people in need of a way to provide for their families.


The recipients are generally from rural backgrounds who have lived in collective centers since the war.  Many among  them are single-parent mothers having lost their husbands, and families with elderly parents who need support. Few are able to find reliable employment and they live mostly on meager social programs, pensions, and rare donations. 



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