Egipat Children's Home - Sarajevo

Bosnia Relief has been providing aid to the Egipat orphanage in Sarajevo since 1995. At that time, the building had been ravaged by shelling and subsequent fires. First established by Josip Stadler, Archbishop of Sarajevo, it was  entrusted to the Sisters of the Handmaidens of Baby Jesus who sheltered and educated thousands of children of all nationalities.  In 1948, the Communist regime expelled the sisters and took over the property. Not until Christmas of 1995 - after the Dayton Peace Accord - did the authorities again give permission for the orphanage to be rebuilt and reopened.  Since then we have provided dental & school supplies, handmade quilts and funds for milk. At the present time, the orphanage cares for more than 60 children from infants to age 18 of all ethnic backgrounds.


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